Q: Can I join anytime throughout the year?
YES! Our Year begins May 1st and Dues will be due no later than May 31st. Members who join mid term will be pro-rated.

Q: If I am already a member of the group, what is your policy on bringing 'guests'?
Guests are more than welcome.  Bring guests to meetings with the intention of introducing them to the group, encourage them to join. They should be interested in growing their business.

Q: What are the benefits of the group?
A: Trusted network of individuals, opportunity to grow your business, support of peers, and frequent leads and referrals.

Q: What if I can not make a meeting?
A: We do request your active participation, but we also realize that life does happen. We only request that you stay in communication and continue to contribute to the group if you can not make it to a meeting. If you do not communicate and are absent for an extended amount of time we will nicely ask you to leave group only in fairness to the group to allow others to join.