How to Join

Looking to join a dynamic, creative, and professional networking group?  The Saratoga Business Network is for you.  Let’s have fun while we develop lasting professional relationships and grow our businesses!

Benefits of the Group:

  • Trusted network of professionals dedicated to the success of one another and the group.
  • Group Website designed to help organize the group but more importantly help members and their clients work together to refer one another.
  • (2) Annual , Fun events to network and unwind.
  • Qualified leads, referrals, news, and event information.

Group Guidelines and Requirements:

  • Annual dues or bi-annual dues: Members may choose to pay $50 every six months or an annual fee of $75.
  • We ask that you are dedicated to our leads group; if you are a member of another leads group we ask that it be no more than one, and outside of Saratoga.
  • The group will meet twice a month for lunch, every second and fourth Wednesday, with the fourth Wednesday being a happy hour meeting, giving us more time to network and get to know each other.
  • Members are required to be members of the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce.
  • Provide value qualified leads, which are pre-screened and represent real potential for business and can be aware that a member may be calling them. If you are unable to provide a lead or referral, we ask that you still contribute to the group by sharing and local news or events, or any information you may have that would benefit members of the group.
  • Attendance is required. However if you can not make a meeting we understand, we ask that you have someone else sit in on the meeting in your place or provide the leads to another member to be shared at the meeting.
  • If you are absent with out notice and with no leads for 3 times in a 6 month period, you will be asked to leave the group.

Interested in joining the Saratoga Business Network? Contact Rocco Semeraro for more information:

Contact us to inquire about membership